Обложка книги Cost-Benefit Analysis (International Library of Critical Writings in Economics)

Cost-Benefit Analysis (International Library of Critical Writings in Economics)


ISBN: 1858981948;
Издательство: Edward Elgar Publishing

Cost-Benefit Analysis presents an authoritative collection of the most important published articles in the field together with an extensive new introduction by the editors. While focusing on the practical side, looking at applications such as education, transportation and the value of life and health, this important volume also emphasizes the essential role of economic theory, with sections on the economic costs of public funds, foreign exchange and labor. The result is an influential selection based on robust and fundamental theoretical propositions - ones that are readily suitable for everyday applications. This timely volume provides a comprehensive synthesis of the current state of the theory and application of cost-benefit analysis. It draws from a wide range of journals to include the key articles which are the benchmarks in the development of the field. It will be invaluable to academics and practitioners alike. 32 articles, dating from 1963 to 1999