Обложка книги Credit Risk Management : A Guide to Sound Business Decisions

Credit Risk Management : A Guide to Sound Business Decisions

ISBN: 0471350206;
Издательство: Wiley

How to decide when to say "yes" to a credit applicant?without jeopardizing your reputation or your company?s bottom line Deciding whether a credit applicant is ultimately creditworthy involves more than just poring over their financial statements?it takes the kind of advice only an experienced credit expert, like Hal Schaeffer, can give. A 28-year veteran of the credit screening process, Schaeffer outlines the nuts-and-bolts of assessing a credit applicant?s financial health and ability to make good on a line of credit. In part one?s clear, four-part "A, B, C, D" format CA is for Analysis," "B is for Building Essential Business Credit Information," "C is for Considering All Factors," and "D is for Decision"), the author examines a prospective borrower from every angle, using formulas, checklists of what to look for, and available outside information sources (from Dun & Bradstreet to the Internet) to get a genuine picture of an applicant?s current...