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eCFO: Sustaining Value in The New Corporation

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Издательство: John Wiley & Sons

Soon every business will be Internet enabled and we'll all start dropping the "e" in "e-business." Everything we do is being affected: product creation, customer fulfillment, logistics, planning and, of course, finance. - Olli-Pekka Kallasvuo, CFO, Nokia Among CFOs, there's a universal belief that either you can embrace the Internet, or be victimized by it. This is prompting finance functions to examine how they will transform themselves over time. CFOs have to address the short, intermediate, and longer term impact of the Internet on their companies. - Tom Meredith, Managing Director, Dell Ventures and former CFO, Dell Computer Corporation Undoubtedly e-commerce will have a significant impact on the finance function. Increasing shareholder value in this market means growing the value of your intangibles; at P&G;that includes R&D,;marketing and people. - Clayton Daley, CFO, Procter and Gamble The Internet will not wait - it's a cultural, not geographical,...