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Reginald Tomas Yu-Lee

Explicit Cost Dynamics: An Alternative to Activity-Based Costing

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ISBN: 0471389439
Издательство: Wiley
GETTING TO THE BOTTOM OF THE BOTTOM LINE Traditional cost management systems typically defeat their own purpose by leading corporations to make decisions that ultimately do not optimize performance. These systems are the foundation for decisions that are made throughout the corporation. In order for organizations to increase performance beyond current capabilities, a new approach is needed that addresses issues such as understanding the true impact of various actions on the bottom line?and eliminating methods that distort numbers and narrow options. Explicit Cost Dynamics (ECD) offers such an alternative, and this expertly written, revolutionary book provides an indispensable introduction to the subject. Informative and easy-to-read, Explicit Cost Dynamics: Provides an alternative view and understanding of the impact of costs, actions, and time on the bottom line of a corporation Explains how this new theory can lead to an overall profit...
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