Обложка книги Managerial Economics in a Global Economy With Infotrac

Managerial Economics in a Global Economy With Infotrac

ISBN: 0324171870;
Издательство: South-Western Educational Publishing

This text exhibits four unique features: 1) it uses the theory of the firm as the unifying theme to examine the managerial decision process; 2) it fully introduces a global view into managerial economics to reflect the internationalization of tastes, production, and distribution in todays globalizing world; 3) it introduces many exciting new topics and managerial tools into the study of managerial economics that are not discussed at all or discussed only very superficially in other texts, such as firm architecture, strategic behavior, business ethics, electronic commerce, risk management, international economies of scale, the virtual corporation, reengineering, benchmarking, the learning organization, and the digital factory; and 4) it shows how managerial decisions are actually made today with more relevant and interesting real-world case applications and integrative case studies than any other text on the market.