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David G. Cotts, Edmond P. Rondeau

The Facility Manager's Guide to Finance and Budgeting

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ISBN: 0814405622
Издательство: AMACOM
Leaky faucets and cracked pavement aren't the only demands on a facility manager's time and energy. These days, they also need top-notch financial skills--to sell their department to senior management, to win funds for crucial projects, to become fully integrated into the organization. Sadly, most facility managers lack even fundamental financial skills. The Facility Manager's Guide to Finance and Budgeting is the first primer designed to teach them the ropes quickly, concisely, and withminimum pain. The book explains how to: * Understand the essential concepts of facility work programs and programmatic planning and budgeting * Develop and manage an annual expense budget, then evaluate the results * Make financially sound "go/no go" decisions on projects requiring capital funding * Pinpoint significant cost-savings and cost-containment areas * Use unit-cost indicators to benchmark facility management initiatives * Create an information system and database that...