Обложка книги Valuation: What Assets Are Really Worth

Valuation: What Assets Are Really Worth

ISBN: 0471349836; 9780471349839;
Издательство: Wiley

"No one has a clearer understanding of valuation than does Al King. He knows the nuts and bolts of this subject, as well as its intricacies, because he has practiced his profession on the factory floor, in the boardroom, and in the courtroom. The mathematics of valuation is easy to understand. Applying the underlying principles to the ever-growing myriad of business assets and issues is very difficult. Only a handful of valuation professionals have the breadth of knowledge and experience necessary to meet that challenge. The author of this book is one of them, and he conveys that experience in a readable style. He writes as he speaks? clearly and to the point. Anyone who wishes to understand the appraisal process as it pertains to business assets needs this book." —Gordon V. Smith, President, AUS Consultants "Al Kings Valuation: What Assets Are Really Worth aims to give the reader a deep understanding of what ?value really means?and it succeeds brilliantly....