Обложка книги The Gainsharing Design Manual

The Gainsharing Design Manual

ISBN: 0595324088;
Издательство: ASJA Press

Book Description The Gainsharing Design Manual is an invaluable resource for designing and implementing a gainsharing or goalsharing employee incentive program. Internationally recognized authors and consultants Joseph and Jimmie Boyett bring over twenty years of experience in helping companies implement gainsharing, goalsharing and other employee incentive programs. The Gainsharing Design Manual is a complete step-by-step guide for designing and implementing gainsharing. In addition to a comprehensive overview of gainsharing and its impact on company operating and financial performance the Boyetts provide the following: . Step-by-step instruction in how to... . Design the gainsharing plan, . Develop a gainsharing formula and targets, and . Implement and evaluate the gainsharing program; . Twenty questions to determine if gainsharing is right for your company; . Twenty keys to gainsharing success; . Six criteria for...