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Al Ose

America's Best Kept Secret Fairtax: Give Yourself a 25% Raise

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ISBN: 1403391890
Издательство: Authorhouse
America's Best Kept Secret: FairTax This book is the only one on this subject and tells of the history and growth of the FairTax. The FairTax Bill was known as U. S. House Bill H. R. 2525 in the 106th and 107th Congresses. It was entered on the firstday of the 108th Congress as U. S. House Bill H. R. 25. In July when the number 2525 comes up we will change H. R. 25 to H. R. 2525. The Americans for Fair Taxation Bill involves three specific actions: 1) Passage of legislation that repeals the income tax, the payroll tax in its entirety, the estate tax, the gift tax, the capital gains tax, the self-employment tax, and the corporate tax. 2) Passage of legislation that installs a single-rate, national sales tax on all new goods and services at the point of final purchase for consumption; and that provides a universal rebate in an amount equal to the sales tax on essential goods and services. 3) Adoption of a constitutional amendment to repeal the 16th Amendment. If...
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