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Wyatt C. Wells

Antitrust and the Formation of the Postwar World (Columbia Studies in Contemporary American History)

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ISBN: 023112399X, 9780231123990
Издательство: Columbia University Press
Today antitrust law shapes the policy of almost every large company, no matter where headquartered. But this wasn?t always the case. Before World War II, the laws of most industrial countries tolerated and even encouraged cartels, whereas American statutes banned them. In the wake of World War II, the United States devoted considerable resources to building a liberal economic order, which Washington believed was necessary to preserving not only prosperity but also peace after the war. Antitrust was a cornerstone of that policy. This fascinating book shows how the United States sought to impose -and with what results -its antitrust policy on other nations, especially in Europe and Japan. Wyatt Wells chronicles how the attack on cartels and monopoly abroad affected everything from energy policy and trade negotiations to the occupation of Germany and Japan. He shows how a small group of zealots led by Thurman Arnold, who became head of the Justice Department?s...