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Thomas Morgan

Cases and Materials on Antitrust Law And Its Origins, 2nd Ed.

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ISBN: 0314246533
Издательство: West Publishing Company
Cases are organized over four periods: a 25-year formative period from 1890 to 1914 in which most of today's issues were foreshadowed; a second 25-year period from 1915 to 1939 in which the "rule of reason" forced courts to investigate the actual consequences of business practices; a 33-year period from 1940 to 1973 in which the per se rule and a concern about industry concentration provided the predominant models for analysis; and the "modern period" of more than 20 years, which is a desirable synthesisof the second and third periods. The organization provides a sense of the economic and other intellectual traditions that produced strikingly parallel developments of the various doctrinal issues at any given point in our history.
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