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Rose-Marie Belle Antoine

Confidentiality in Offshore Finance Law

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ISBN: 019925012X
Издательство: Oxford University Press
Confidentiality in Offshore Finance Law is a comprehensive legal analysis of an essential, but virtually unexplored and often controversial topic. It is a holistic and complex subject which brings together several orthodox areas of law in innovative andconstantly evolving ways. It embraces the law on trusts, taxation and tax planning, banking, international crime, mutual funds and company law. Offshore confidentiality impacts on all of these and is uniquely different from onshore models. In this book its intricate parameters and limits are assessed by reviewing case law, legislation, treaties and public policy. Dr Antoine also highlights the tensions between onshore and offshore legal philosophies. Not only will the book be an essential point ofreference to legal practitioners, it should also be of interest to financial regulators, human rights activists, academics, students, and law enforcers.
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