Обложка книги Equine Liability: What Every Horse Owner Needs to Know

Equine Liability: What Every Horse Owner Needs to Know

ISBN: 096700473X;
Издательство: Carriage House Publishing

Backyard horse owners, riding instructors, clinicians, boarding barns--anyone who has any connection to horses needs to read this book! Attorney James Clark-Dawe--himself a rider, has collected dozens of actual legal cases that illustrate liability issues involved in owning and working with horses. Clark-Dawe fills readers in on issues related to adequate FENCING (When is an owner liable for a horse that gets loose?), CHILDREN (What are the legal liabilities when kids are around horses?), PROFESSIONALs (What are the legal responsibilities of the farrier, stable owner, or vetinarian?), EQUINE LIABILITY ACTs (What states have enacted them and how will this new legal tool help horse owners?), and a host of other critical issues. For legal professionals, theappendices include a list of all actual cases referenced in the book.