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J. A. E. Vervaele, John A. E. Vervaele, Andre Klip

European Cooperation Between Tax, Customs and Judicial Authorities (European Monographs, Volume 32)

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ISBN: 9041117474
Издательство: Kluwer Academic Publishers
The classic distinction in international relations between mutual assistance in criminal matters and mutual administrative assistance has become diffuse. A blurring of transnational policy issues in the struggle against fraud continues to hamper efficient cooperation between states, despite the increasing interaction of national enforcement agencies supported by automated systems and a growing number of supranational institutions with enforcement powers. Particularly among the member states of the European Union, the disparate law of international cooperation needs to be examined and clarified, in terms both of instruments and of legal guarantees. This book offers an English translation, updated to mid-2001, of an acclaimed Dutch study which appeared earlier that year. The study was originally commissioned by the Dutch Ministry of Justice, which recognized that the way to clear standards of cooperation lay through in-depth comparative research into the relevant law, practice, and...
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