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Stephen R. Elias

Getting Paid: How to Collect from Bankrupt Debtors (Getting Paid: How to Collect from Bankrupt Debtors)

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ISBN: 0873379780
Издательство: Nolo.com
If one of the1.5 million people and businesses that declare bankruptcy this year owes you money, there's still a chance you can get it back. But how do you win if your attorney charges more than it's worth to recoup your loss? Answer: Skip the lawyer's fees and read Getting Paid. Whether you're a business person, ex-spouse or employee, Getting Paid takes you through the process of getting what you're owed. Find out how to: *examine bankruptcy papers *file and defend your claim *get paid for secured claims *file basic motions and complaints *expose a "bad" bankruptcy *uncover hidden assets *minimize future losses *and much more Armed with Getting Paid's plain-English legal information and step-by-step instructions, you can dramatically increase your chances of getting some -- if not all -- of your money back!