Обложка книги Government's Money Monopoly

Government's Money Monopoly


ISBN: 0595139663;
Издательство: iUniverse

A distinct correlation exists between how free a society is and how much power its government has over money. Because the United State of America was supposed to be a free country, its government was granted comparatively few` monetary powers – only to borrow and coin money, and regulate its value. Yet today the same government possesses total power over every aspect of America’s monetary system. With an octopus-like stranglehold, Washington’s control extends to gold, money, banking and much more. How and why the Founders’ limited intention was converted into omnipotent government monetary power is the subject of this book – a collection of basic materials which, if properly understood, explain what happened. The author’s thoughtful analysis leads to its concluding proposal: a constitutional amendment wholly separating government from money, the only way – permanently – to eliminate government’s power over the...