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Joseph Fried

How Social Security Picks Your Pocket: A Story of Waste, Fraud, and Inequities

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ISBN: 0875862497
Издательство: Algora Publishing
How Social Security Picks Your Pocket exposes how Social Security is implemented - who wins, who loses, and how the game is played; and offers suggestions for improvements to the system. Issue-by-issue, the book gives a guided tour of a system of staggering waste and blatant inequities. You?ll learn how average retirees are robbed of benefits ? benefits that are redirected to wealthier, non-paying beneficiaries. You?ll learn about the millions of people who pay lip-service to Social Security ? but pay nothing else. They don?t participate in the system described as their "worst nightmare." The tour includes a visit with the teachers who become janitors for just one day, to qualify for $100,000 in Social Security benefits ? each. The book also reviews the amazing 115% tax, inflicted on working seniors. Yes, these people can effectively pay more in tax than they earn. The tour also includes the growing disability programs. Are you a...