Обложка книги Little Data Book 2003 (World Bank Publication)

Little Data Book 2003 (World Bank Publication)

ISBN: 0821354264;
Издательство: World Bank Office of the Publisher

The 207 country pages in the Little Data Book present the latest available data for World Bank member countries, and other economies with population of more than 30,000. The 14 summary pages cover regional and income group aggregates. The Little DataBook 2003 provides a pocket-sized ready reference on key development data by country. This book presents 54 indicators for 206 countries and regional and income country groups. The Little Data Book 2003 is intended as a pocket reference tool for readers of the World Development Indicators 2003 as well as for instructors, researchers, and students. Profiles of each country include 54 key development indicators like: Population and population growth GNI, GDP, GDP growth, Exports and Imports, and Gross Capital Formation Deforestation, Water Use, Energy Use and Electricity Use per Capita Life Expectancy, Fertility Rate, Child Malnutrition, Prevalence of HIV, Girls in Primary School Paved Roads, Aircraft Departures,...