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R. J. Mannoia, R. J. Mannoia

Money-for-Nothing : Secrets the I.R.S Doesn't Want You to Know

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ISBN: 0967999219
Издательство: Paradise Publications
Are you TIRED OF PAYING YOUR TAXES? Do you want INTEREST FREE LOANS? Do you want to Eliminate ALL your debts, your Charge Card Bills, your Student,Personal & Business Loans with ABSOULETY NO INTEREST CHARGES? Of Course You Do! All this and more is available in our E-Z to understand financial guide, 'Money-for-Nothing' secrets the I.R.S.doesn't want you to know. "Money-for Nothing' has been advertised and sold through ads in the Sunday New York Times financial section, Popular Science,Woman's Day and many other magazines and numerous catalogs and web-sites. 'Money-for-Nothing' is your Tax Free Guide. Is it worth $24.95 to Eliminate your Taxes? You know that it is.