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Richard M. Bird

More Taxing Than Taxes?: The Taxlike Effects of Nontax Policies in Ldcs : A Sequoia Seminar (A Sequoia seminar)

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ISBN: 1558150897
Издательство: Sequoia Inst
This book responds to a paradox. A paradox of rates and revenues. Tax rates in less developed countries (LDCs) are often higher than those rates in industrialized countries. Conversely, tax revenues, as a percentage of GNP, are ordinarily much less for LDC governments than for their counterparts. One half of this conundrum is often used to explain the other. Increased capital flight (of both money and people) into domestic underground and/or external economies is deemed an escape from escalating taxes -- higher tax rates and narrower tax bases perversely accentuating each other. This book provides a resolution of the rates & revenue paradox that is both more fundamental than "supply-side" cuts in tax rates and more certain of yielding the increased revenues that are promised by such cuts. Its authors show how governments might receive increased revenues -- even with no changes in explicit tax policies -- by decreasing the (taxlike) burdens on citizens of nontax,...
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