Обложка книги Passport to Tax-Free International Living

Passport to Tax-Free International Living

ISBN: 1893713113;
Издательство: International Law and Taxation Publishers

If you are like most people, you undoubtedly feel that you have paid enough taxes during your career to last several lifetimes, and you certainly don?t relish the idea of paying taxes once you are retired. You may not have to. There are places around the world offering outstanding lifestyles that you can enjoy during your retirement (or even semi-retirement) where you may considerably reduce the taxes you would expect to pay in your home country. In some places you may be able to eliminate incometaxes entirely. The opportunities exist; they are even promoted by some jurisdictions. These places may be thought of as retirement havens, which is the subject of this book. Simply put, a retirement haven is a country, jurisdiction, or city that offers special tax incentives for their residents. While such places may be attractive to various individuals, they are especially so for retirees who wish to maintain their assets in the safest and most efficient manner possible. ...