Обложка книги Russia Tax, Law and Business Briefing: 2004

Russia Tax, Law and Business Briefing: 2004

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ISBN: 1893323544;
Издательство: Worldtrade Executive, Inc.

The restructuring of Russia?s legal and regulatory frameworks in the past decade have created new conditions for investment and business ventures, offering both new opportunities and challenges to the prospective investor. Russia Tax, Law & BusinessBriefing: 2004 provides guidance on tax and legal issues investors should consider when evaluating a possible company acquisition, starting a business or entering into a joint venture or strategic alliance in Russia. Coverage includes: * An analysisof Russia?s overall economy in the context of its strong oil and gas sectors, including the macroeconomic effects of changes in oil prices; * The restructuring and resulting creditworthiness of Russian banks five years after the 1998-1999 financial crisis; * A discussion of the performance of the Russian ruble against the dollar and the euro, and the resulting impact on Russia?s trade balance and inflation rate; * Drugstore chain 36.6?s successful launching...