Обложка книги S Corporation Answer Book

S Corporation Answer Book

ISBN: 0735515948;
Издательство: Aspen Publishers

Now in its Fifth Edition, this quick-reference manual lets you help clients take full advantage of their S corporation status and minimize their taxes. It leads you directly to authoritative information on every aspect of the S corporation, enabling you to: * Take full advantage of the 1997 Taxpayer Relief Act * Arm the S corporation against the potential tax traps hidden in the Small Business Tax Protection Act * Maximize the tax benefits of S corporation status * Identify dispositions that will trigger the built-in gains tax * Avoid added tax liability or loss of S corporation status from passive investment income * Capitalize on the permissible differences in stock rights to facilitate estate planning and ownership transfers * Determine allocation of income, losses, and deductions in the termination year of the S corporation Plus, there are citations to the controlling rules, regulations, and court decisions that will save you hours of research.