Обложка книги Simplified Tax System: A Counterculture Proposal

Simplified Tax System: A Counterculture Proposal

ISBN: 0595306489;
Издательство: iUniverse

Simplified Tax System criticizes the current tax system for its failures. It goes further than other Critiques, by offering a definite Alternative. The basic causation of current system tax failure lay in the proliferation of special exemptions from taxation, and misguided attempts to stimulate the Economy. Lawrance George Lux also highlights the error of geographical variations of tax impacts, and methodology to correct such deficiencies. The major elements of the Book are the unification of the Tax Code in this Country, without violation of constitutional Separation of Powers; the methodology for elimination of special, discriminatory tax advantages, and provision of a functional tax system. Lux presents an actual Tax Proposal for legislative passage. He examines each major provision of it, for its economic and political impact. All thought remains within the realm of mainstream Economic thought; it altered simply to garner an effective tax policy. The Tax Proposal also...

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