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Mark Gregory Kelman

Strategy or Principle? : The Choice Between Regulation and Taxation

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ISBN: 0472110470
Издательство: UMP
Governments may choose to meet perceived social problems either through regulatory mandates or the public provision of a good that is funded by broad-based taxes. Contrary to an emerging conservative consensus in the "property rights" movement, Strategy or Principle? argues, first, that the constitution permits broad use of regulations and, second, that the use of regulation may be the better policy choice. Strategy or Principle? addresses a critical issue in law, public administration, and public finance: When is it both prudent and constitutionally permissible to meet social aims by requiring that private parties take certain steps to meet that aim? Alternately, when is it appropriate for the government to use the moneyit raises through general taxation to fund programs that meet these aims? Regulations have been criticized in "property rights" literature on the grounds that it violates the constitution by limiting the ability of...
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