Обложка книги Surviving an IRS Tax Audit

Surviving an IRS Tax Audit

ISBN: 0873375378;
Издательство: Nolo.com

Riding a barrel over Niagara Falls. Snowboarding down Mt. Everest. Surviving an IRS audit. Impossible feats? The first two perhaps, but escaping an audit intact? No problem with this Nolo, tax-time lifesaver. Surviving an IRS Audit , written bytax expert Fred Daily, explains what to say, what to do--and even what to wear--so that a visit from the auditor doesn't turn into a disaster. With material pulled directly from IRS training manuals, the book exposes the tricks of the auditor's trade. Itprovides a profile of People-Most-Likely-to-Be-Audited and discusses whether or not the IRS can look at a person's "lifestyle" during an audit, rather than stick to the tax return on the table. The book also suggests three steps to take when an unreasonable auditor goes too far, including how to go over an auditor's head and negotiate a more reasonable outcome. Nearly fifty percent of all taxpayers will be audited at least once during their lifetime. This Quick & Legal book levels...