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David Starr Jordan

The Fate of Iciodorum: The Story of a City Made Rich by Taxation

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ISBN: 1410102904
Издательство: Fredonia Books (NL)
This entertaining little allegory is about a town whose mayor and common council turned economic planners. They would make the city rich through taxation and through subsidies. The story is remarkably pertinent today. The penetrating satire of thetale, its ageless truths, and its simplicity and shortness, make it a classic. We read irony from preface to finis, but gentle and humorous irony. The author is expressing not his own ideas and arguments but those of the economic planners. And he is laughing at them. Originally published in 1909, this facsimile reprint rescues an almost lost gem, and it pays respect to the memory of its author, a great scholar and a kindly man.