Обложка книги The Happy Taxpayer: Simple Tax Tips for the Rest of Us

The Happy Taxpayer: Simple Tax Tips for the Rest of Us

ISBN: 0595168558;
Издательство: Writers Club Press

Many years ago I heard the old clichA©, “The only thing we can be assured of in this life are death and taxes”. With this bit of wisdom, I decided to become a tax consultant. If for no other reason, it appeared to offer steady employment. I have been doing taxes for over 40 years and it seems when April 15th of each year passes, I know less about tax returns today than when I first started. Not only have the tax laws changed, but also those silly tax returns get more and more complicated. This book is inspired by the many experiences of my clients, friends and relatives. Throughout the book, we will be telling little stories about some “screw up” experienced by poor taxpayers over the years. I am notgoing to bore you with a bunch of tax laws, as I’m sure you wouldn’t understand them, (I sure don’t), and I don’t want this book to be prescribed as good sleeping material. Taxes are a very important part of...