Обложка книги The USA Tax: A Progressive Consumption Tax

The USA Tax: A Progressive Consumption Tax

ISBN: 0262193833; 9780262193832;
Издательство: MIT Press

"The progressive consumption tax is one of the most important ideas in tax policy in a very long time. Larry Seidman's book is an excellent exposition. Whether you are sympathetic or not, it deserves your serious consideration." -- Lawrence Summers, former Nathaniel Ropes Professor of Political Economy, Harvard University "This is an excellent analysis of an approach to fundamental tax reform that has considerably more political appeal than the flat tax." -- Rudolph G. Penner, Managing Director, Barents Group, a KPMG Company Although proposals for "flat" taxes have received a good deal of attention, a majority of Americans say that, for reasons of fairness, they favor a progressive tax. The USA Tax: A Progressive Consumption Tax presents an alternative to both the present tax system and a flat tax. The USA (unlimited savings allowance) tax is a progressive consumption tax that differs fundamentally from our current tax structure in that it taxes consumption rather than...

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