Обложка книги Andean Region Tax, Law And Business Briefing, 2004

Andean Region Tax, Law And Business Briefing, 2004

ISBN: 1893323587;
Издательство: Worldtrade Executive, Inc.

Book DescriptionANDEAN TAX, LAW AND BUSINESS BRIEFING provides guidance on tax and legal issues investors should consider when evaluating a possible company acquisition, starting a business or entering into a joint venture or strategic alliance in Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, and Venezuela. It features important guidance prepared by major accounting and law firms on: * Review of the Bolivian Oil and Gas Market * Chile?s Anti-Evasion Tax Reform Bill Enacted Into Law * New Chilean Takeover Law * Colombia?s 2001 Tax Reform Modifies Income Tax and VAT Regimes * Colombia Grants Tax Exemption to Stimulate Construction Sector * New Law Strengthens Legal and Tax Protections for Foreign Investors in Ecuador * Regulation on the Control of Anti-Competitive Practices in Ecuador's Electric Sector * Peru?s New Transfer Pricing Regulations * Peruvian Tax Reforms Affecting Transactions with Tax Havens * Changes to the...