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Facts & Figures On Government Finance (Facts and Figures on Government Finance)

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ISBN: 1884096204
Издательство: Tax Foundation
Год издания: 2004
Book DescriptionPublished regularly since 1941 and annually since 1990, Facts and Figures on Government Finance is a goldmine of public finance data at every level of government, with comparisons of taxing and spending levels spanning a century. It answers such questions as: ? How much of the nation?s earnings is collected in taxes? ? How much do wealthy Americans pay in income taxes? ? How have income tax rates changed since the Constitution was amended in 1913? ? When is Tax Freedom Day in each state? ? How much does the federal government spend on education? ? Which states do not have an income tax? ? How many Americans live below the poverty level? ? This compendium of public finance data also contains the best tabular historical presentation of individual income tax rates available anywhere. This annual reference book contains 184 charts of the most recent government finance data available, conveniently divided into six...
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