Обложка книги Roadway Safety and Tort Liability, Second Edition

Roadway Safety and Tort Liability, Second Edition

ISBN: 193005694X;
Издательство: Lawyers & Judges Publishing Company, Incorpor

Book DescriptionAlthough the state of the art in roadway design and traffic control has advanced greatly in the past forty years, faulty practices and applications continue to persist on American roadways. As the second edition of Roadway Defects andTort Liability, this new edition is intended to give you many valuable insights on the roadway design, roadway maintenance, traffic engineering and human factors aspects of roadway safety. The second half is comprised of entirely new material examining related case law from around the nation, doubling the content of a book that has quickly become a standard in accident reconstruction. As if that's not enough, you will also receive a copy of both the 2001 and 2003 MUTCD's on CD-ROM (a value of $69) absolutely free. This all-inclusive package will be essential for any case relating to roadway safety. TOPICS COVERED Roadside hazards sight distance obstructions skid resistance and hydroplaning Pavement edge drops ...