Обложка книги Chapter 13 Bankruptcy: Repay Your Debts

Chapter 13 Bankruptcy: Repay Your Debts

ISBN: 1413301819;
Издательство: NOLO

Book DescriptionBankruptcy laws are changing soon! If you're going to file, do it now. Are you behind on your mortgage, taxes, or other bills? Are creditors threatening foreclosure or repossession? Chapter 13 bankruptcy may offer a solution. It lets you reorganize your debts into a repayment plan you can afford-- and keep your house, car and other property. If Chapter 13 bankruptcy is for you, file before October, 2005. If you file later, you won't be able to keep as much of your property, and you'll be paying back your debts for a longer period. Use this book as a guide through the entire process. Find out how to: *figure out whether you qualify for Chapter 13 *calculate your debts and income *value your property and assets *create a repayment plan *fill out and file official bankruptcy forms *stop a foreclosure and make up late payments *pay off tax debt, child support, alimony and more *represent yourself in bankruptcy court The completely revised and updated 7th...