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History of the Income Tax

ISBN: 1893713415;
Издательство: International Law and Taxation Publishers

Book DescriptionTaxes are a compulsory contribution individuals and/or businesses must make to the government. The primary purpose of a tax is to fund governmental activity, however, the purposes of governmental activities may be broadly defined. Alongwith funding the necessities of government, the purpose of taxation frequently expands to include economic and social objectives. Taxes may be used as a method for developing a strong, vibrant economy by fostering or limiting certain businesses, or theymay be used as a means of redistributing wealth and encouraging social reform. Taxes have been a part of society from the time the first governments developed. Payment of animal skins to a chief, who could use the animal skins to buy weapons which he would use to supply warriors who would defend the village, was a type of primitive tax. Taxes have been used by governments to pay for public works, fund wars, control economies through tariffs on imports and exports, and, sadly, fill...