Обложка книги Home Owner's Guide to Disaster Tax Relief

Home Owner's Guide to Disaster Tax Relief

ISBN: 0976576309;
Издательство: Seekah Publications

Download DescriptionYou wouldn't believe how generous the IRS can be to disaster victims. The number of major USA disasters is increasing: from 100 in 2001, to 120 in 2002, to 145 in 2003. 2004 was the worst year in over a decade. No-one is exempt. The HOME OWNER'S GUIDE TO DISASTER TAX RELIEF is the only book to explain -- in a personable, easy-to-follow style -- how to prepare for the benefits the IRS allows and how to take advantage of them. Absolutely everything is in this step-by-step Guide --- from taking an inventory of properties, to preparing a complete record of losses, to calculating disaster losses or gains, to obtaining possible income tax refunds. The reader will learn how to... prepare for a future disaster; identify the experts to provide unquestionable proof to the IRS; identify the allowable disasters and losses (what exactly is a "disaster"?), find the information required to prove the loss, prepare acceptable documentation, deal with insurance and other...