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Materials on Family Wealth Management (American Casebook)

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ISBN: 0314150056
Издательство: West
Год издания: 2005
Book DescriptionMost estate planning courses are centered around the estate tax. In the face of the uncertain future of the estate tax, it has become increasingly difficult for teachers to focus class concentration on planning strategies. Moreover, the slated increases in the estate tax exemption are making conventional approaches to estate planning less relevant to increasing numbers of Americans. Nonetheless, most individuals and families of moderate to substantial wealth will still have considerable interest in a variety of wealth-related issues. Attorneys must be prepared to assist their clients in coping with these issues. Moreover, most lawyers will themselves personally have to confront a number of wealth-related issues. The purpose of this book is to provide a teaching tool for a course centered around such issues. Until the publication of this book, there were no published materials available and teachers typically used customized materials. This book consists of ten chapters...
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