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James L. Huston

Calculating the Value of the Union: Slavery, Property Rights, and the Economic Origins of the Civil War (Civil War America)

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ISBN: 0807828041
Издательство: University of North Carolina Press
While slavery is often at the heart of debates over the causes of the Civil War, historians are not agreed on precisely what aspect of slavery-with its various social, economic, political, cultural, and moral ramifications-gave rise to the sectional rift. In Political Realignment and Property Rights , James Huston integrates economic, social, and political history to argue that the issue of property rights as they pertained to slavery was at the center of the Civil War. In the early years of thenineteenth century, southern slaveholders sought a national definition of property rights that would recognize and protect their ownership of slaves. Northern interests, on the other hand, opposed any national interpretation of property rights because ofthe threat slavery posed to the northern free labor market, particularly if allowed to spread to western territories. This impasse sparked a process of political realignment that culminated in the creation of the Republican Party,...