Обложка книги European Economic History

European Economic History

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ISBN: 8763000172;
Издательство: Copenhagen Business School Press

The internationalization of the world economy and the economic and political development in Europe are factors that have fostered new interest in the common economic heritage of the European countries. Spanning 500 years, this tale of the economic history of Western Europe seeks to unearth the roots of present day problems. Among its major themes are: - the early industrial development - the spreading of industry up until World War One - the bad experiences through 1914 - 1945 - the analyses of different stages of economic growth - development in European integration since World War Two - the influence of external developments including foreign policy and security matters The book will appeal to anyone interested in European economic and political history. Different from most textbooks on this subject, it does not confine itself to the "three great economies" of Western Europe: Great Britain, France and Germany. Instead, the book provides separate chapters...