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Outlook Annoyances

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Издательство: O'Reilly & Associates

While Microsoft Outlook's integration of email, scheduling, and contact information make it a powerful organizational tool, the program still has its rough edges. Whether you're most bothered by a refusal to deliver your email, a tendency to eat up your hard disk space, or any of the other glitches that occur from time to time, you're almost sure to feel sometimes that Outlook is very annoying. Outlook Annoyances looks at these and other annoyances and shows how you can conquer them. You'll learnhow to: Customize the Outlook 98 toolbar so it reflects the way you work Navigate through Outlook's user interface settings so that you can decide what you want to change and why Get data into Outlook, move information from one Outlook module to another, and export data from Outlook Outlook Annoyances is for users who want to take full advantage of Outlook and to transform it into the useful tool that it was intended to be.