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Steven K. Vogel

Freer Markets, More Rules: Regulatory Reform in Advanced Industrial Countries (Cornell Studies in Political Economy)

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ISBN: 0801485347
Издательство: Cornell University Press
"The best published account so far of the reforms of the stock markets in the United Kingdom."--Sir Nicholas Goodison, Deputy Chairman, Lloyds TSB Group, plc. "A simple suggestion: anyone who cares to comment on Japan's commitment to deregulation must first read this book. As Steven Vogel explains, . . . deregulation comes in many guises."--Japan Times "Vogel writes with extraordinary clarity about a very complex subject. His discussion of deregulation in Japan not only gives the reader a clear understanding of the distinct issues of market liberalization and regulatory reform as they have been pursued in Japan, but also offers a nuanced analysis of the relationship between state and market in contemporary Japan."--Gerald L. Curtis, Columbia University "There is growing acceptance of the claim that international market forces have been compelling reluctant governments to deregulate, liberalize, and privatize ever more segments of their domestic economies. . . . Steven...