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Margaret Ellen Newell

From Dependency to Independence: Economic Revolution in Colonial New England

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ISBN: 080143405X
Издательство: Cornell University Press
"The virtues of Newell's book lie in its sustained and comprehensive analysis of economic theory and policy over almost two centuries. In its quiet, understated, and extremely well-researched and well-argued way, this book will generate a considerable controversy in the field of early American economic history."--John Brooke, Tufts University In a sweeping synthesis of a crucial period of American history, From Dependency to Independence starts with the "problem" of New England's economic development. As a struggling outpost of a powerful commercial empire, colonial New England grappled with problems familiar to modern developing societies: a lack of capital and managerial skills, a nonexistent infrastructure, and a domestic economy that failed to meet the inhabitants' needs or to generate exports. Yet, less than a century and a half later, New England staged the war for political independence and the industrial revolution. How and why did this transformation occur? Marshaling an...