Обложка книги Historical Perspectives on Contemporary East Asia

Historical Perspectives on Contemporary East Asia


ISBN: 0674000986; 9780674000988;
Издательство: Harvard University Press
Страниц: 384

In these original essays, distinguished scholars of modern East Asia distill from long years of research interpretive accounts of late nineteenth- and twentieth-century China, Japan, and Korea. Warren I. Cohen, Mary Backus Rankin, David L. Howell, CarterEckert, Sheldon Garon, Ernest P. Young, William C. Kirby, R. Keith Schoppa, Andrew Gordon, Merle Goldman, and Andrew J. Nathan all describe particular features of the modern experience of East Asian countries. At the same time, they address some common themes. One of these themes is the impact of the West on China, Japan, and Korea and the different ways in which each of these countries resisted Western imperialism while trying to adapt their traditional cultures to the West. Each also sought to integrate itself into a global economic and diplomatic system. Another overarching theme that these essays stress is the role of nationalism as a powerful motivating force in these countries' modern development. New students of Asian affairs as...

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