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J. B. Say

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ISBN: 0691011702; 9780691011707;
Издательство: Princeton University Press
Страниц: 176

J.-B. Say is remembered most commonly as a disciple of Adam Smith and in particular as the author of what later economists have called Say's Law: often simplified as the idea that "supply creates its own demand." Here the distinguished historian R. R. Palmer shows that Say was an interesting figure for a multitude of reasons. Say modified and extended some of Adam Smith's insights, became a friend and correspondent of Thomas Malthus and David Ricardo, and was the first professor of political economy in France. His life coincided with the French Revolution and its long aftermath and with the Industrial Revolution in Great Britain, on both of which he had much to say. He is exceptional among economists in that for several years he was in business for himself as a factory owner and so took part in the activities that he and other economists analyzed. Say always wrote in nontechnical language for a thoughtful but unspecialized audience, and Palmer's well-known skills as a translator...