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Mark Fannin

Labor's Promised Land: Radical Visions of Gender, Race, and Religion in the South

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ISBN: 1572332514
Издательство: University of Tennessee Press
Highly stratified and regulated by norms and values peculiar to the region, southern society has been idealized and condemned in equal measure. Through the crises of secession, Civil War and Reconstruction, the industrialization of the South, and the ravages of the Great Depression, those who traditionally benefited from this stratification upheld the reactionary tenets of racial exclusivity and strictly defined gender roles and championed the value of religion and religious expression. Despite evidence to the contrary, these ideals formed the basis of what adherents saw as a civilized society and culture, and allowed authority to rest with an alliance of existing and emerging elites. While claiming to represent the interests of society at large, this alliance used issues of gender, race, and religion to divide the working classes and maintain its own position of power. In Labor?s Promised Land, Mark T. Fannin examines the ways in which these social and cultural pillars of...