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Johnathan J. Shuster

Practical Handbook of Sample Size Guidelines for Clinical Trials

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ISBN: 0849344875
Издательство: CRC Press
Practical Handbook of Sample Size Guidelines for Clinical Trials is a concise guide and powerful software utility program that provides a valuable, non-technical blueprint for the design and analysis of survival clinical trials. This text and software allow clinical researchers to write more effective protocols or research grant proposals in a fraction of the time it would take them otherwise. Clinical researchers also gain insight into how biostatisticians analyze trial data and discover what "p-values"really tell them. If you are a biostatistician or student, this book and software will be an indispensable tool for study design. Furthermore, no other book provides justification for survival analysis results at such an introductory level. The program increases your flexibility because it allows you to browse through various planning parameter configurations by changing one parameter at a time, circumventing the need to re-enter the set of planning parameters.Practical Handbook of...
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