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James M. Dean, A.M.C. Waterman

Religion and Economics: Normative Social Theory (Recent Economic Thought Series, 67)

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ISBN: 0792383737
Издательство: Kluwer Academic Publishers
This book is a sequel to Economics and Religion: Are They Distinct? (Brennan and Waterman 1994). That volume was motivated by a frustration born of many disappointing encounters between economists and theologians in the 1980s. There are many possible ways of exploring the relation between economics and theology in normative social theory. This volume presents a set of case studies of ways in which economics and theology may actually have been combined in the real world. As in the previous volume, these case studies were written first and then sent as a complete set to a second group of authors whose function was to act as a jury. The commentators were asked to read all the case studies and to compose their interpretative essays so as to address the following question: In the light of the evidence you have considered in the case studies, is the attempt to combine into a normative social theory the(putative) insights of theology with the (putative) scientific knowledge supplied by...