Обложка книги Salvos Against the New Deal

Salvos Against the New Deal


ISBN: 0870044257;
Издательство: Caxton Press

President Franklin Roosevelt's "New Deal" plan to pull the nation out of the Great Depression has been hailed as a landmark in American history. Many people aren't aware that Roosevelt also had critics who believed there were better ways to turn the country around without making citizens more dependent on the federal government. One of F.D.R.'s best known New Deal opponents was Garet Garrett, financial columnist for the Saturday Evening Post. For nearly a decade, Garrett was one of the few columnistsof national stature willing to speak out against the expansion of the federal bureaucracy. SALVOS AGAINST THE NEW DEAL is a collection of Saturday Evening Post columns written by Garrett attacking the trend toward big government. Garrett's analysis of Roosevelt's recovery plan has stood the test of time well when examined in the cold light of the events of the past sixty years. His writings also offer food for though relevant to the nation's present economic and political...