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Howard M. Wachtel

Street of Dreams - Boulevard of Broken Hearts: Wall Street's First Century

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ISBN: 0745319254
Издательство: Pluto Press (UK)
This is the story of America's most famous street, Wall Street. No other place is so inextricably linked to the nation's history, the development of capitalism and the dramatic highs and lows of the financial markets. No other place has provoked such mythology, or has been the subject of so many dreams and illusions. Howard Watchel's book provides a fascinating account of the origins of this famous street. Exploring its development through the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, he charts its dramatic transformation, offering a window on the past that helps us understand how it became the center of world finance that we see today. Drawing on original archive research, and illustrated throughout with photographs, "Street of Dreams - Boulevard of Broken Hearts" is lively and informative narrative that reads not only as a popular history of one of America's great icons, but also as a critical assessment of Wall Street's role in the political, economic and cultural evolution of the...