Обложка книги Proofreading At The Computer: 10 Hour Series

Proofreading At The Computer: 10 Hour Series

ISBN: 0538689242;
Издательство: South-Western Educational Publishing

The 10-Hour Series covers a variety of important technology-based business skills with short texts that can be completed in ten hours. The Internet and technology are used extensively in this series for research, instruction, and application. These books, many supported by data disks or CDs, are brief, uncomplicated, and activity-based, requiring minimal instructor intervention. Proofreading at the Computer teaches basic proofreading skills. In ten brief lessons and 64 activities, students will learn important proofreading skills such as comparative, team and consistency while using word processor spelling and grammar-check features. Students will work with letters memos, reports. Intranet postings. and other workplace documents.

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