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I. A. A. Thompson, Bartolome Yun Casalilla, I.A.A. Thompson, Bartolome Yun Casalilla

The Castilian Crisis of the Seventeenth Century: New Perspectives on the Economic and Social History of Seventeenth-Century Spain (Past and Present)

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ISBN: 0521416248, 9780521416245
Издательство: Cambridge University Press
This is a collection of recent revisionist essays by Spanish historians on the economic and social history of seventeenth-century Castile. The major areas of current historiographical interest and debate are covered: demography, agriculture, pastoralism,the Indies trade, industrial decline, de-urbanization, taxation and the fiscal system, re-segneurialization, and the politics of redistribution. Developments in Castile are also related to the issue of the general crisis of the European economy in the seventeenth century.